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    • Biblical Studies 3210-Q:  The Passion Narratives (12 week session)
    • Pastoral Studies 3472-Q:  Supervised Practice of Ministry
    • Pastoral Studies 2401-Q:  Introduction to Pastoral Care, Part B
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    210 Prince Philip Drive, St. John’s, NL, Canada

    210 Prince Philip Drive, St. John’s, NL, Canada

    In 2013 the Anglican Church of Canada General Synod passed a resolution directing the drafting of a motion “to change Canon XXI on marriage to allow the marriage of same-sex couples in the same way as opposite-sex couples, and that this motion should include a conscience clause so that no member of the clergy, bishop, congregation or diocese should be constrained to participate in or authorize such marriages against the dictates of their conscience.” This motion will be considered by the 2016 General Synod in July. No doubt, many pastors and parishioners are engaging in discussions. Regardless of the decision at General Synod, some will be disappointed. Pastors will need to understand and appreciate the theological and pastoral issues in order to comment and respond to this complex matter and the deep-rooted positions held by those on each side of the debate.

    This session is intended to provide Anglican Clergy and Pastoral Workers with an overview of the theological issues that need to be considered in the debate, as well as factors that need to be considered in pastorally responding to the Synod vote outcome and pastoral needs of those impacted one way or another.

    The session has excellent resource people and will provide opportunity for discussion as well as a Question and Answer time.

    PART 1 – 9:30 a.m.

    The Theological Consideration Relevant to Proposed Marriage Canon Revisions.

    Dr. Michelle Rebidoux, PhD. Adjunct Faculty Queen’s College and Faculty at Religious Studies Department, MUN. She in preparation of a submission on the Marriage Canon Revision to the Anglican Church of Canada with Dr. David Bell, Dean of Theology at Queen’s College.

    PART 2 – 10:45 a.m.

    The Pastoral Considerations in Preparing For and Responding to the Proposed Marriage Canon Revisions

    Archbishop Percy Coffin, Metropolitan for the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, Archbishop of the Diocese of Western Newfoundland, and Chancellor of Queen’s College. His Grace will bring a unique and informed perspective from his experience and involvements with others across the country.

    Cynthia Haines-Turner, Deputy Prolocutor of General Synod. She has diligently worked with the Council of General Synod and its Chancellor, Mr. David Jones, to prepare the resolution for General Synod.

    You can attend and participate at Queen’s College or you can attend on-line. We use Webinar platform. The link to join the session on-line is https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/869321781  It is very simple to join, just hit the link or paste it into your browser.

    The session will be recorded and available through our website: www.queenscollegenl.ca

    Here is the link to request a Visitor Parking Permit at Queen’s College: http://www.mun.ca/cep/parking/visitor-parking-request-form.php

    Send me a note, if you have questions.

    Blessings and regards,


    Richard Singleton, Ph D, D Min, M Div, BA, CT

    Director of Student Programs, Faculty of Theology, Queen’s College


    709 753-0116

    Click on this link for a printable copy- June 16 2016 – Theological and Pastoral Issues Related to the Proposed Marriage Canon Revisions at ACC General Synod 2016

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