Opportunity for Theological Education in Central Newfoundland

Queen’s College Faculty of Theology is pleased to offer a high quality course in theology in the Central Newfoundland area. This course can be taken for credit in a degree or associate program or done as a non-credit audit. The course will be of interest and benefit to clergy and lay people with an interest in exploring their faith and the beliefs of Christianity. Below are the course details:

Theological Studies 3520-Q:  Systematic Theology I

Instructor:  The Rev’d Dr. Joanne Mercer

Timetable:  Thursday, Sept. 22, Oct. 13, Nov. 3, Dec. 1   10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location:  Central NL Area – suitable for all registered students

Textbooks:  William Anderson,  A Journey Through Christian Theology

David Lose, Making Sense of the Christian Faith (course kit)

Course Description:  An introduction to the study of the sources and methods used in the formulation and development of Christian theology from the Patristic, through the Reformation, to the modern period.  The study focuses on both the key personalities and their writings.  This course is a pre-requisite to all advance Theology courses.

A central location will be arranged to make it convenient for all participants.

For more information, you can phone:  709-753-0116, Toll free: 877-753-0116