Certificate in Ministry of Supervision for Clergy – Fall 2017

Below is a description of the program and some clarifications on the registration process. Here are a few highlights for you

  • It is a program for clergy;
  • It is non-credit, but can be done as a three credit hour course. This might be of interest for those with a B.Th. or M.Div. and would like to receive the M.Th. degree. Queen’s College graduates require seven courses with their previous degree to receive the M. degree.
  • We will likely have the sessions on Wednesday mornings or Friday mornings, as these are the only days our Smart Classroom is available.  We will negotiate the schedule with those who are interested.

Please see the description below and pass it along to other clergy who might be interested.

Certificate in Ministry of Supervision provides clergy with the information and skills to mentor individuals preparing for ordination by modelling pastoral practices, demonstrating congregational leadership and offering spiritual guidance.

  • The Certificate in Ministry of Supervision is available on-line and on-campus in real time. It is offered in ten scheduled 2.5 hour sessions: five sessions in the fall semester and five in the winter semester.
  • Tuition is $100.00 for the entire program. It qualifies as a continuing education and can be paid for from Continuing Education Funds.  The program is subsidized by a grant from the Anglican Foundation of Canada.
  • This is a non-credit It will require attendance and participation, as well as some reading.
  • Arrangements can be made to complete this certificate for credit, with some assigned work and evaluation to ensure it meets the standard of a degree level course. Tuition for one three credit hour course is $275.00.   For complete details on course and student fees please click on the following link http://queenscollegenl.ca/?page_id=619

Registration can be completed by completing an application form on-line along with submitting a course selection form to the General Office. 

  • The link to the application is http://queenscollegenl.ca/?page_id=341
  • The link for course selection form is http://queenscollegenl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Course-Selection-Form.pdf
  • Enter yourself as Part-time and Continuing Education in the boxes provided.
  • You will be required to pay the $40.00 application fee, it will be credited toward your tuition and you will be invoiced for the remainder. 
  • You can now use your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to pay fees to Queen’s College. (2.5% service fee will be applied to the total outstanding balance)
  • We will not require references, transcripts and letters of conduct for clergy doing this program as Continuing Education.
  • We will need the entire application completed by those who wish to do the program for credit.
  • If you are interested in doing this course for credit, please e-mail me at singleton@mun.ca



  • The role(s) of a Supervisor
  • Goal Setting for Supervision
  • How to provide constructive feedback
  • Conflict Management
  • Boundaries
  • Conflict of Interest

Spiritual Development

  • What is a Spiritual Director of Guide? What a Spiritual Director or Guide is not.
  • Spiritual journey
  • Ways of praying
  • Practicing prayer
  • Spiritual Resilience

Pastoral Practice

  • Putting required pastoral competencies into action.
  • Listening
  • Confidentiality
  • Visitation
  • Leading Prayer
  • Consoling
  • Evangelizing by example

Administration Matters

  • Church governance
  • Canons
  • Constitutions
  • Hand Books
  • HR Policies
  • Other diocesan administrative policies and practices


  • Key considerations in assessing ones progress and suitability for ministry
  • Being objective in evaluating
  • Being honest in evaluation
  • Periodic evaluations and final evaluations