Thanksgiving Message

Dear Students, Faculty Members, and Friends of Queen’s College:

Thanksgiving 2As we approach Thanksgiving 2017, I wish to express my sincere appreciation on behalf of Queen’s College for the support we receive and the community we share. I thank God and I thank you for the numerous ways that you contribute to ensure the success and delivery of our programs to our students. I am grateful to our faculty and staff who do everything they can to help every student achieve their goals. I am thankful for our students who engage and participate to enrich our faith-based learning environment that allows for open discussion, dialogue and discovery. I am appreciative of our trustees, the members of Queen’s College Corporation, to engage in planning, oversight and evaluation of our mission effectiveness.  And on this Thanksgiving, I say a special thanks to the clergy, pastors and parishioners who support us as we continue to ensure we develop and offer programs to prepare people for effective ministries that reflect the love of Jesus.

I say special good wishes to Susan Foley, who will retire in December after her 32 year career with us as Administrative Assistant. I welcome Dana Bishop as our new Administrative Assistant. For Susan and for Dana, we are thankful.

I wish you and your loved ones good health and God’s blessings for Thanksgiving and always,

Thanksgiving 1