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Queen’s College at Ronald McDonald House

Students and faculty members from Queen’s College prepared a meal for families at Ronald MacDonald House (RMH) on Saturday March 03.  The Student Association collected funds to purchase the items needed to prepare roast chicken dinner. The team lead for the project was Dale Careen, (1st year Theology), along with fellow students John Sparkes (3rd year theology) and Anna Rowsell (3rd year theology).  Also, the project had special significance for two of the student participants: Charlie Cox (2nd year Theology) who is a survivor of childhood cancer and Eleanor Ash (3rd year Theology) had a granddaughter from Labrador diagnosed with leukemia and experienced the hospitality and care of RMH.  Faculty members, Dr. Carmel Doyle (Director of Student Programs) and Dr. Rick Singleton (Provost) contributed to the cooking and cleaning.  A rewarding experience for all involved.Ronald McDonald House #9 Ronald McDonald House #4 Ronald McDonald House #2 Ronald McDonald House #8Ronald McDonald House #7 Ronald McDonald House #6

Renee Easton Ordination Jan 28, 2018

Renee Easton Diaconate Ordination

Queen’s College students and faculty members were delighted to attend and participate in the diaconate ordination of Renee Easton by Bishop John Watton of Diocese of Central Newfoundland at St. Hilda’s Church in Bay L’Argent on Sunday January 28, 2018. Welcome and hospitality of Bishop John and the parishioners of St. Hilda’s was very much appreciated.
Renee Easton Ordination Jan 28, 2018

Remembrance Day Message

Each year on Remembrance Day, November 11th, many Canadians gather and many privately take a moment of silence to commemorate the sacrifices made by our veterans, and to pay tribute to the ongoing contributions of the Canadian Forces. It is appropriate that we take the moment of silence and add moments of prayer for veterans, both living and dead. We pray also for soldiers and their families, and we pray for peace.

Here is a link to Terry Kelly’s wonderful song and video “A Pittance of Time”

Also, classes are suspended and the general office will be closed on Monday, November 13th, to mark the Remembrance Day holiday.



Cyprus Nov 2017

Meeting of Theological Educators in Cyprus

Queen’s College Provost presented at the meeting of Theological Educators in Cyprus. Dr. Rick Singleton and Dr. Leslie Francis, Adjunct Faculty Member were guests of the Diocese of Cyprus and The Gulf. The meeting was organized by Archdeacon John Holdsworth, also an adjunct faculty member of Queen’s College. Dr. Rick noted that the Diocese of Cyprus and The Gulf is reaching well beyond the Middle East to draw on resources to meet current needs.  He also said, “the initiatives in this unique part of the Church and the world will also reach us as an example of thinking outside the box and thinking outside the decade and well into the future.”