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Diploma in Theology and Ministry

General Information

The Diploma Program focuses on laying a foundation for a deeper understanding and appreciation of Christian Scripture, Theology, Spirituality and Ministry. Depending on the needs and goals of the individual, the program lasts anywhere from one to three years. Three distinct year-long modules are offered in sequence (A, B, & C) although registration numbers will influence whether a module can be offered in a particular year. A certificate is awarded upon completion of each year with a Diploma awarded to those who complete all three years of the program.

Each module consists of eight weekends, which include time for community prayer, interactive classes, and fellowship. Each weekend begins on Friday evening, 6:45 p.m. and continues until 9:30 p.m. The session resumes Saturday at 8:45 a.m. and continues until 4:30 p.m.

The Diploma in Theology and Ministry (Roman Catholic Stream) has similar requirements. It is completed in two years. Students interested in this program should consult with the Bishop Mullock Chair in Roman Catholic Studies.

While the Diploma program will be of interest to all who seek to improve their understanding of theology and pastoral ministry, it will be of particular benefit to those who lead and belong to groups and committees in both the local and wider Church settings:

  • lay ministry
  • lay readers
  • Christian development/religious education directors
  • Sunday school personnel
  • outreach workers
  • youth workers
  • vestry / parish council members
  • leaders of bible study
  • those desiring to grow in faith
  • persons seeking a refresher course

Evaluation Criteria

Program evaluation includes:

  • attendance at weekend sessions
  • preparation of assigned readings
  • participation in group discussions
  • some optional written assignments
  • feedback from participant's ministerial settings

Entrance Requirements

The minimum academic entrance requirement for this program is a high-school diploma or its equivalent.  However, post-secondary education would be desirable.

In addition to the above academic requirements participants should also demonstrate:

  • a commitment to relating the Gospel to their lives
  • experience or willingness to serve in ministry
  • the desire and the ability to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually
  • a commitment to participate fully in the program

Applicants must also submit the following documentation with an application form which can be obtained from the General Office.

1)  A personal statement outlining your

  • educational background
  • family and work history
  • ministry involvements
  • participation in any personal growth and ministry training events
  • reasons for applying to this program
  • expectations about how this program will help you in your future ministry

2)  A letter (or letters) of reference from your local parish, congregation or Church agency (preferably pastor) attesting that

  • you have been or expect to be involved in its life and ministry
  • you work well with others
  • you have the ability and the commitment to complete this program
  • your participation in this program will enhance the ministry of your faith community

2017 - 2018 Weekend Schedule  

Fall Semester 2017 Winter Semester 2018        

Sept. 29-30

Oct. 13-14

Nov. 24-25

Dec. 08-09

Dates:  TBA

Fall Semester 2017 Winter Semester 2018

Sept. 29-30

Oct. 13-14

Nov. 03-04

Nov. 24-25

Dates:  TAB

Dates:  TBA  
Fall Semester 2017 Winter Semester 2018

Oct. 13-14

Oct. 27-28

Nov. 03-04

Nov. 17-18

Dec. 01-02

Jan. 19-20

Feb. 16-17

Mar. 09-10

Apr. 06-07

Apr. 17-28

Dates TBA  

Program Objectives

The Diploma Program in Theology and Ministry will offer participants an opportunity to:

  • grow in the awareness of self and others as gifted for ministry.
  • reflect on the present or proposed ministerial settings in which they serve.
  • develop an understanding of the wider social and ecumenical contexts in which ministry takes place.
  • understand and apply the basic principles of human development and adult faith formation.
  • grow in the knowledge of Scripture, Christology, theology of the church and theology of ministry.
  • become familiar with the basic principles of leading prayer services for church groups
  • develop basic leadership skills in such areas as team building, group processes, and communication.

Advanced Standing for Graduates of Diploma in Theology and Ministry in Associate in Theology Program

Students who have completed the Diploma in Theology and Ministry may request Advanced Standing for four Associate in Theology courses. The Advance Standing courses replace the electives in the requirements. The Advanced Standing from the Diploma in Theology and Ministry Program will count as the Major in Pastoral Studies.