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new form header_2Continued Studies -- Three Credit Hour Courses -- Application for Admission or Re-admission

Semester and Year for which application is being made (Semester / Year):*
Have you previously applied to Queen's College:*
Have you previously attended Queen's College:*
If yes, when did you last attend:

Deadline Date: To receive notification of admission prior to August 1st, all documentation must be received prior to May 1st.

Please indicate your intended category of attendance:*
Phone (Home):
Phone (Work):
Phone (Cell):
Preferred First Name:
Date of Birth:*
Denominational Affiliation:
MCP Number (NL Residents Only):
Social Insurance Number (SIN) {Canadian Applicants Only}:
Country of Citizenship:*

Next of Kin / Guardian Information

Full Name:*
Street Address:*
Telephone (Home):
Telephone (Work):
Telephone (Cell):
Relationship to Applicant:*

Education (Post-Secondary) -- All official transcripts must accompany this application

This section must be completed by all applicants who have attended other post-secondary institutions.

Institution 1:
Name of Degree / Diploma / Certificate received for Institution 1:

Institution 2:
From (Institution 2):
To (Institution 2):
Name of Degree / Diploma / Certificate received for institution 2:

Institution 3:
From (Institution 3):
To (Institution 3):
Name of Degree / Diploma / Certificate received for Institution 3:

All first time applications to Queen's College must include the following:

1. Please request the following letters of reference to be sent directly to Queen's College.

Students applying for a B.Th. program need a letter of sponsorship or support from their bishop (or denominational equivalent) plus one other, preferably academic.

Students applying for the M.T.S., M.Th. or M.Div. program need two letters of reference, one of which should be academic. For M.Div. students who eventually hope to be ordained, the other must be a letter of sponsorship or support from your bishop (or denominational equivalent).

2. Current letter of conduct required from a police force.

3. Any other personal information relevant to your application. (N.B. students requiring academic accommodation for a documented disability or special need are to notify the College in writing either upon application or immediately following admission.)

Application for Admission / Re-admission Processing Fees:

Please note that all Applications for Admission/Re-Admission must be accompanied by the appropriate non-refundable fee as indicated below. This fee is applied to tuition at registration.

$40.00 Domestic Students     $150.00 International Students -- If you have never attended this institution.

$40.00 Domestic Students     $150.00 International Students -- If you have previously attended Queen's College and have Not attended for two consecutive semesters. (Fall & Winter)

Payment should be made by cheque or money order, payable to Queen's College. Payments from outside Canada or U.S. should be drawn on a Canadian or U.S. bank

I hereby apply for enrollment at Queen's College and certify that the information contained herein is complete and correct. I understand the failure to disclose information required on this application form is considered to be an academic offence. If admitted, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set out by the College. I make this Application in acknowledgment that it is subject to all of the provisions of current and future College Calendars which govern my course of study at the College, including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, any and all limitations and qualifications set out therein. I hereby authorize Queen's College to obtain all relevant records from any school or post-secondary institution which I have attended, and to release to agencies with a legitimate interest any non-confidential information.

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