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Master of Theological Studies (Pentecostal Studies)

The purpose of the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) degree program is to offer a course of study in theology for university graduates in the arts, sciences or professional schools who wish to have a basic training in the theological disciplines along with the opportunity to explore in some depth their particular interests.

The M.T.S. program requires the equivalent of two years of full‑time study, involving twenty three-credit- hour courses.  These may be taken on a full‑time or a part‑time basis.  To qualify for the M.T.S. degree, the student must have achieved a minimum average grade of 70% with no mark below 60% in all courses so graded.

This program normally consists of the following requirements:

  1. Twenty three-credit-hour courses, as follows:
    • 4 courses in Biblical Studies (3000-Q, 3200-Q, plus two others)
    • 1 courses in Church History
    • 3 courses in Theological Studies (3520-Q, plus two others)
    • 1 course in Liturgical Studies (3808-Q)
    • 1 course in Moral Theology
    • 1 Integrative Seminar (3900-Q)
    • 9 electives chosen from any of the theological disciplines
    • 20 total courses required.
  1. Eight three-credit-hour courses (including any required courses) in a major field of study, and four three-credit hour courses (including the required courses) in a minor field of study.
  1. Maintain a minimum average grade of 70% with no mark below 60% in all courses so graded.
  1. Fulfill all requirements of the program normally within seven years from the date of first registration.

Note:  Biblical Studies and Pastoral Studies are the only major fields of study currently offered.  Credits in Supervised Pastoral Internship are accepted toward the Pastoral Studies major only.  Two three-credit-hour courses may be applied to the major and the remainder as other electives.  The Parish Internship Program is not part of the M.T.S. degree program.