Master of Theology

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Master of Theology

This program is currently under review.  No applications will be accepted until further notice! (August 2021)

The Master of Theology (M.Th.) degree program and M.Th. (Pentecostal Studies) degree program (herein referred to simply as M.Th. are designed and intended for those candidates who hold the degree of Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) or equivalent.

The M.Th. program requires the equivalent of one year of full-time study, involving ten three-credit-hour courses. It may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. To qualify for the M.Th. degree, the student must have achieved a minimum average of 70% with no mark below 60% in all courses graded. Admission requirements will be the same for admission to the M.T.S. and M.Div. programs.

This program consists of the following requirements:

1. Ten three-credit-hour courses, as follows:

1 course in Biblical Studies
1 course in Theological Studies (3510-Q or 3512-Q)
1 Pastoral and Theological Integration Seminar (3900-Q)
2 Pastoral Studies
5 Electives chosen from any of the theological disciplines
10 total courses required.

2. An SPM 3472-Q or CPE 3470-Q may be used to discharge up to 4 courses in Pastoral Studies (as the required two courses in Pastoral Studies plus two electives). Credits for SPM and CPE cannot be used to gain credits if a thesis is being written to gain credits toward the degree.

3. A Thesis may be written to gain credit for three electives.

4. Students wishing to graduate with the M.Th. (Pentecostal Studies) will complete as part of their elective requirements two of the three courses from the list below which are cross listed courses from Tyndale University College, taught in Newfoundland (3720-Q, 3730-Q, and 3790-Q).

5. Students admitted to the M.Th. Degree, who have completed a Bachelor of Theology at a recognized Theological College or University, may request transfer of up to three courses. Courses can be transferred as credit only if they are over and above the courses required for the pre-requisite Bachelor of Theology degree. Approval of three transferred courses results in the student being required to complete an additional 7 courses for the M.Th. Degree. A student may also request a waiver of two specific required courses, if they can show they have already completed an equivalent course. Waiver of a course allows the student to select another elective course. The student’s academic advisor will assist the student to identify courses for which to request transfer and waiver.

6. Students who have completed the Bachelor of Theology may apply to have SPM, CPE or equivalent internship count as three Advance Standing credits.

7. No major/minors are applicable for this degree.

8. Maintain a minimum average grade of 70% with no mark below 60% in all courses so graded.

9. Candidates are normally required to fulfill all requirements of the program within seven years from the date of first registration.

10. Students admitted to this degree are expected to complete Academic Development Seminar (ADS) 1: Research Methods and Academic Integrity. It is offered early in the fall semester each year. This is a compulsory series for all students admitted to a degree program. The seminars focus on 1. effective and efficient access to and use of research resources; 2. proper use and citation of resources; and 3. critical thinking.