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Bachelor of Theology

While the Master of Divinity represents the standard level of education required of those preparing for ordination, Queen’s College offers a special program leading to the Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) degree for mature persons who lack an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, but who are sponsored by a diocesan bishop.  Postulants must have successfully completed ten three-credit-hour courses (in the Humanities - Philosophy, English, History, etc.) at an accredited institution (e.g., Memorial University of Newfoundland) with a minimum average of 65% and a minimum of two semesters as a full-time student (i.e., enrolled in a minimum of four courses per semester).

This program requires a minimum of three years of full-time study and the following requirements:

  1. Twenty-five three-credit hour courses, as follows:

6 courses in Biblical Studies (3000-Q, 3200-Q, plus four others)
2 courses in Church History
3 courses in Theological Studies (3520-Q, plus two others)
5 courses in Liturgical Studies (3808-Q, 3840-Q, plus three others)
2 courses in Moral Theology
7 courses in Pastoral Studies (3460-Q, 3440-Q, plus five others)
25 total courses required.

  1. The Supervised Practice of Ministry or a Clinical Pastoral Education basic unit from an accredited site must be completed prior to the postulant’s admission to year two of the degree program.
  1. The parish internship requirement is a fifteen week internship sponsored by the College.
  1. A minimum average of 65% with no mark less than 60% in all courses so graded.
  1. A minimum of five of the seven semesters required for the degree as a full-time student (one of these semesters must be the student’s final semester before completion of the degree).
  1. Completion of all the requirements of the B. Th. program within seven years from the date of first registration.
  1. Postulants are expected to participate fully in the College’s commitment to a common rule of life, which requires attendance at Daily Offices, the Holy Eucharist, College retreats, and all other community events.
  1. Postulants are required to:
  • participate in Parish and Community Placements
  • attend the Vocational Development Seminar each semester
  • engage in the Student Evaluation Process during the years.