Queen’s College is pleased to announce we are now receiving applications for the Bachelor of Theology for Discipleship and Ministry Program. Sessions will start in the Winter Semester 2017 in two locations. One will be in St. John’s area and one will be in the Trinity – Conception area.

The Bachelor of Theology for Discipleship and Ministry Program is designed to provide opportunity for theological education, spiritual development and pastoral skill practice to those who wish to study on a part time basis. It does not assume past university course work and it is intended to be accessible for individuals who have successfully completed high school or equivalency. This program, like all our programs at Queen’s College, is open to and welcomes students from all denominations and faith traditions.

The program is designed to be completed on a part-time basis over six years. Students move through a diploma level in the first two years, then they move into the Associate Level for two years, and they graduate with a Bachelor of Theology for Discipleship and Ministry after the final two years.

The current tuition is $250.00 per semester.

We presently have 13 students who will complete the Associate Level in December and start their final two years in January 2017.

For more information, phone:  709 753 0116 or email  queens@mun.ca


You are invited to attend an information session on November 28, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in Queen’s College.

We will be arranging a similar session in the Trinity – Conception area in the near future.