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Fees and Charges

The fees and charges indicated herein are as of the date of printing.  Queen’s College reserves the right to make changes to the regulations, fees and charges listed below.

Regulations Governing Payment of Fees and Charges

1. Tuition fees and all other student fees are due at registration and must be paid prior to or during the designated calendar dates, using one of the methods described below.  See Calendar Dates for this information
2. Methods of Payment

           Cash – must be paid in person at the General Office in St. John’s

Cheque – Mailed or delivered in person to the General Office in St. John’s.

Credit Card – 2.5% surcharge on total cost of purchase

3.  Students with outstanding accounts will be ineligible to select courses for a subsequent semester until the outstanding account has been paid in full by cash, money order or certified cheque. This also applies to accounts outstanding pending the receipt of a scholarship, bursary or other similar award will not be awarded a degree, diploma or certificate, and will not be issued an academic transcript until the outstanding account has been paid in full by cash, money order or certified cheque.
4. Accounts outstanding on the last day of examinations in a semester are liable for interest at prime rate plus two percent. Such interest will apply effective the first day of classes in that semester.

Financial Assistance

Queen’s College is a recognized institution under the legislative act governing federal and provincial student loans and grants.  Queen’s College students are therefore eligible to apply for this kind of assistance.

Tuition Fees

 1. Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Theology by Distance, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Theology and Certificates (three-credit hours)
Per course  $ 300.00
Audit per course  $ 150.00
Vocational Development Seminar (not applicable to full-time M.Div. & B.Th. students)  $ 100.00
Thesis Option – M.T.S. (5 three-credit-hour courses – may be spread over the final 2 terms)  $1,500.00
Thesis Option – M.Th. (3 three-credit hour courses) $ 900.00
Internship – per semester  $1,500.00
Supervised Practice of Ministry (SPM) – per unit  $1,500.00
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) – per unit – (approximate as it various per site)  $1,830.00
2. Bachelor of Theology for Discipleship and Ministry
Per course  $ 250.00
 3. Associate in Theology (two-credit hours)
 Per course  $ 210.00
 4. Diploma in Theology and Ministry
 Per semester  $ 220.00

Other Fees and Charges

1. Books and Supplies
Full-time students should be prepared for an expenditure of approximately $450 to cover the cost of textbooks and supplies each semester.
 2. Application Processing Fee (all students)  $ 40.00
This fee is payable with each application for admission/re-admission to Queen’s College and is not refundable.  This fee is applied to tuition at registration.
3. Campus Renewal Fee
Per credit hour $ 16.67
Per two credit hour course (A.Th. program) $ 33.34
Per three credit hour course (B.Th., Master programs) $ 50.00
Per Internship / SPM / CPE $250.00
Audit 1/2 cost of per credit hour  $ 25.00
4.  Student Service Fee  (full-time and part-time students –  A.Th., B.Th., Master Programs)  
Per Term: $ 50.00
Audit 1/2  $ 25.00
 5. Late Registration Fee
Additional Fee per Day  $ 10.00
 6. Reread of Examination or Paper Fee $ 50.00
A deposit of $ 50.00 must be posted with each appeal.
 7. Dishonored Cheque Charge  $ 43.00
This charge is made for each cheque tendered to Queen’s College and not honoured by a bank.  A student with a dishonoured cheque record must pay fees by cash, certified cheque or money order.
 8. Student Key Deposit Fee  $ 50.00
Full-time students are eligible to obtain student keys from the General Office which will allow them access to the College’s student facilities.  Students who return keys to the General Office receive a full refund on their original deposit.
 9. Queen’s College Scarf  $ 66.00
 10. Student Association Fee, per semester. This Fee is payable to Queen’s College Student Association
Full-time Students (4 courses or more)  $ 35.00
Part-time Students (3 courses or less)  $ 10.00
 11. A. Th. Manual
Purchase with course registration  $ 15.00
 12. Student Parking
Full-time students may apply to the General Office for a parking permit at the establish rate for MUN students.

Part-time students can access temporary permits by paying a basic rate per semester. The student is responsible to sign-out and sign-in the temporary Permit from the General Office before and after each visit.

Full-time students parking permit per term ………………………………………$41.00

Part-time student parking permit per term ………………………….. ……$14.00

Students attending evening or weekend classes may apply for a special permit (evening and weekends) from the Memorial University Campus Enforcement Office at a cost of $12.00 plus hst per semester. (  

 13. Convocation Gown Rentals (Optional / Approximate Cost)
Gown  $ 25.00
Gown and Academic Hood  $ 35.00

Tuition Refunds Based on Withdrawal From Course(s)

Tuition refunds based on withdrawal from course(s):

A student dropping courses within two weeks following the first day of lectures in any semester will not be liable for tuition fees for those courses. Students dropping courses after that time will receive tuition fee refunds on a prorated basis. Any student who drops a course from two weeks to three weeks following the first day of lectures in any semester shall have 50% of the tuition refunded. Any student who drops a course from three weeks to four weeks following the first day of lectures in any semester shall have 25% of the tuition refunded. No tuition will be refunded for courses dropped after five weeks following the first day of lectures in any semester. For the actual dates relating to these refunds, see CALENDAR DATES.

In the case of sessions, accelerated courses and courses offered outside of the normal time frame of a semester or session, the tuition refund drop periods will be prorated accordingly.

Tuition fees will not be refunded for any reason, including medical, for courses dropped after the final refund date.

Tuition Discount

5% Discount on Tuition Fees

Students who pay their tuition in full by designated dates (see CALENDAR DATES) will be given a discount of 5%.  This applies to all students whether full-time or part-time.

Campus Renewal Fee Refund

Non-refundable after the last day to drop courses and receive a 100% refund on tuition fees

Student Service Fee Refund

Non-refundable after the last day to drop courses and receive a 100% refund on tuition fees